Zach Williams

Zach has spent his entire life reading and performing, so he is beyond excited to join the team here at Story and Song!  He previously owned Amelia Comics and Games here on the island, and has been on stage all over.  Zach mainly enjoys science fiction and fantasy novels, but he has been known to read a little bit of everything.

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What better way to start a book than with the end of the world?  Follow three protagonists as they navigate a broken world, not only physically but spiritually as well.  Great messages about class, race, and those who abuse both wrapped up in a dystopian wonderland.  Hugo Award winner for best novel in 2015!

The sci-fi master’s return to fantasy!  When Kai the Demon Prince is brutally murdered only to wake up in a tomb surrounded by water, his exciting quest for revenge begins!  Filled with colorful characters (including a sentient whale), this fantasy who-dun-it leaves you guessing til the end!

When a translator for the far-flung Presgrs goes missing, three seemingly unrelated lives are thrown into turmoil as the galaxy races to find their whereabouts.  Great messages about family and community as well as what it means to be human

If you find yourself in a horror novel, it’s best to have an encyclopedic knowledge of true crime!  Well, you would think.  But when murders start happening in her small lakeside town, Jade quickly uncovers that everything isn’t quite as cut and dry as her podcasts made her believe.  A biting commentary on gentrification and the state of Native Americans in the modern U.S.

Just like Pinocchio wrapped in a sci-fi shell!  Gio lives deep in the woods with his robot companions, but when a mysterious figure from his past shows up and secrets him away to the great metropolis, it’s up to the makeshift family of androids (including a robot vacuum) to rescue him.  Brilliant writing that will tug at your heartstrings.

The start of the incredible Expanse space opera!  When the daughter of one of the richest men in the solar system goes missing, it falls on the shoulders of a disgraced security captain and a former navy man who works on a water hauler to find her before it’s too late.  Great characters, lightning fast storytelling, and enough political intrigue to satisfy anyone

2020 Best novel Hugo Award winner!  When Mahit Dzmare, newly appointed Ambassador to the Teixcalaanli Empire, arrives at her new station, she is immediately thrust into political schemes and machinations on every side.  With the help of her handler and the memories of her predecessor, she works to save herself and her station from an untimely fate.  Great characters and very well written.

Fantasy adventures on the high seas!  When the mother of one of Amina’s old crewmates shows up at her door and throws her newfound peace into the wind, she is thrust back into a life of piracy that she had once forsaken.  Exciting and fast paced, this cast of diverse characters really comes alive through the story