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Shortly after Mark and Donna Paz Kaufman relocated to Amelia Island from Nashville, Tennessee, they realized just how much they missed live, original music and in 2005 launched “An Evening of Story & Song,” an all-volunteer concert series spotlighting professional singer/songwriters and Americana music.

Having spent decades helping people open independent bookstores, they pounced on the opportunity to open a bookstore bistro when a property in Amelia Park became available, since the second story could be used for programs, including the concert series. Story & Song Bookstore Bistro opened its doors in 2018.

Everything began to blossom, even throughout a pandemic. People came to shop for books, puzzles and gifts. The Bistro became a favorite place to meet up with friends. Story Time attracted children and families. Conversations were inspired by book group discussions, TED Talks, and independent film nights. Musicians from around the world came to perform and Story & Song also became a venue for the Amelia Island Jazz Festival, Amelia Island Opera, Chamber Music Festival and others. Literary Luncheons featured notable authors. Amelia Island’s Wings Mural Project was unveiled in 2020 in the open-air courtyard and since the very first day, Story & Song has showcased works by local artists.

Story & Song became a beloved community gathering place to celebrate the arts, fittingly located in the heart of Amelia Island. In 2022, Story & Song formed Story & Song Center for Arts & Culture, a not-for-profit foundation with a Board of Directors. Once recognized by the IRS, the community was invited to support its work through donations and volunteerism. With a generous legacy gift from Betty Berkman, the Board hired Robin Cormier as its founding Executive Director.

The arts have a unique way of bringing people together, bridging differences to allow us to acknowledge and celebrate our common humanity. We invite you to join us at Story & Song as a patron of the arts, supporter, and volunteer.

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