Story & Song’s mission is to be a gathering place for the community, offering programs that enrich our lives, books that broaden our world, and delicious food that connects us.  Our customers and patrons join us in celebrating the literary, culinary, visual and performing arts that bridge our common humanity.

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Donna Paz Kaufman

Donna landed in the book industry after college and discovered the perfect home for the business skills she developed and her love for literature and the arts. As co-founder, she reads a lot of spreadsheets, but when reading for fun, she appreciates beautifully written literary and historical fiction, novels that prompt conversation, travel writing and novels set in other cultures, memoirs, plus business books and anything about fostering creativity.

Mark Kaufman

Having read Treasure Island and The Adventures of Robin Hood as a child might explain Mark’s passion for novels with a dose of escapism and suspense. He’s also a fan of irreverent writers like Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, and Carl Hiassen. All told, Mark’s reading tastes are eclectic: historical fiction, engrossing non-fiction stories that read like novels, biographies about fascinating people, the occasional personal growth selection, and laugh-out-loud stories.

Dearsha Johnson

Dearsha has inhabited the role of a creative writer and avid reader since childhood and now is a published author. As a tutor and previously an early childhood educator, she has shared her reading and writing talents with her students, colleagues and the community. When she doesn’t have a children’s book in her hand, she enjoys Christian fiction, romances, mysteries and any stories that paint a vivid picture in her mind’s eye.

For her, a strong character resonates beyond the last page.

Luann Pollock

Luann encourages all new moms to begin reading to infants as soon as you can cuddle them! “It’s the best gift to give to a child.” In her career, she crafted usability systems and streamlined content on corporate websites.  As a left-brain thinker, she follows biographies of presidents but also enjoys lying back with popular fiction writers including Ann Patchett and John Grisham. Luann is eager to meet lots of smiling children at the Bookstore.

Betty Anne

Betty Anne enjoys reading fiction, walking, cooking, traveling, and solving puzzles  (particularly the daily New York Times crossword)

​See her book picks here

Betty Anne Pinelli

Betty Anne served as Library Director at Marist School in Atlanta prior to her retirement in 2017, and she is grateful for the continued opportunity to help patrons find the perfect book. She enjoys reading fiction, both literary and “beach reads.” She is fond of mysteries/thrillers, including series by Louise Penny, Donna Leon, Martin Walker, Mick Herron, Brad Thor, and C.J. Box. 
When not reading, Betty Anne enjoys jigsaw puzzles and word gamesShe is still proud to have earned the 8th place rookie prize at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in New York in 2011.

Zachary Williams

Zach has spent his entire life reading and performing, so he is beyond excited to be part of the crew at Story & Song!  He previously owned Amelia Comics and Games here on the island, and has been on stage all over.  Zach mainly enjoys science fiction and fantasy novels, but he has been known to read a little bit of everything.

Rachel Tyler

Rachel is in heaven with the opportunity to combine her two favorite things:cooking and bookstores. She especially enjoys serving all of your special event needs.  She reads cookbooks cover-to-cover and  is always trying to slip out of the kitchen to go to StoryTime with Ms. Dearsha. 

Carol Hays

Carol’s love of books started at an early age, with many hours spent in local libraries or reading from her grandfather’s overflowing shelves of books.  Some of her favorite books are his collection of Emerson’s writings.

She can’t pick a favorite genre, but you’ll find her frequently in historical and current fiction, personal growth and memoirs.  And with six grandchildren, she is often scouring the kid’s section for that next great storybook!

Dylan Gelderman

Dylan has been an insatiable reader for as long as he can remember. By age eight, he was walking up to the checkout counter of his local public library at least once a week, with his arms full of a stack of books taller than he could see over.

From cookbooks to memoirs, fiction to travel guides, he has read it all — or intends to.

He is excited to  help you find your next favorite book! 

Wendy Van Biert

Wendy is a retired English teacher with past bookselling experience as well. Since her first visit to Amelia twenty years ago, she knew it felt like home and four years ago was able to move here. In addition to being a book person, Wendy is a published author, a painter and dog lover. At Story & Song, her greatest pleasure is helping readers find the perfect book

Nancy Wood

Maggie Schweitzer

Maggie is an insatiable life-long learner who enjoys curling up with a good personal growth book and gets excited to talk with customers on topics ranging from travel to finance.  Her years of wok as an English teacher and travel abroad coordinator has cultivated not only this love of learning but also a love of words and culture.  Additionally, as a member of our Story &Song Foundation team, Maggie is thrilled beyond words to marrying her UX design, copywriting, and project management skills to the mission of empowering the arts in our community.