Luann Pollock

Luann encourages all new moms to begin reading to infants as soon as you can cuddle them! “It’s the best gift to give to a child.” In her career, she crafted usability systems and streamlined content on corporate websites.  As a left-brain thinker, she follows biographies of presidents but also enjoys lying back with popular fiction writers including Ann Patchett and John Grisham. Luann is eager to meet lots of smiling children at the Bookstore.

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The early John Grisham is back — The Guardians reads like The Firm and Pelican Brief –- compelling, suspenseful, and naturally a bit of romance. Set in Florida, Post, a minister/lawyer works tirelessly to overturn wrongful convictions and highlights penal system fraud. You’ll end up asking ”just how often do they get the wrong guy?”

A remarkable historical fiction set in NY at the turn of the century, this book is about family life, especially sibling love.  An innocent ill younger sister searches for her runaway elder sister and winds up in a Catholic shelter for young women deemed “difficult”. Thankfully parenting skills have improved! I listened to this book while walking and found myself not wanting to go home.  The author provides a clear explanation of these “homes for wayward girls” that really existed.

Like my own son, Casey is a struggling writer with a lot of crises – typical of life in our 20s – college, romances, travels, restaurant jobs, parent disappointments, and living on a shoestring. This book is filled with life’s teaching moments and how one’s fearless ambition and courage blossom into accomplishment and love.

We all need an “Olive” in our life. Although the story picks up where Olive Kitteridge ends, you needn’t have read it. Olive is nearing 80, old-fashioned and ornery, yet progressive, and unafraid. She experiences new romance, and is involved with lots of curious events where she imparts her glorious sensitivity, humor, and inspiration.

This is another of my favorite audio books. The different voices used by the characters portray a much clearer picture and help you to sit where they’re sitting, and walk right along side, and visualize Alicia Berenson’s actions and her life. It’s a mystery for sure with a few twists and a great finish.

This book will forever live on my favorites list. Frank, the son of a minister, recalls a summer back in 1961, age 12, with a younger brother who he protects and an older sister who he admires. The family is close knit – until deaths occur and all is broken. A beautifully written story we can all learn from about compassion, forgiveness, and Ordinary Grace.