Karen Hargrave

Karen comes to us with an art and psychology background and is thrilled to have been selling her art at Story and Song for the past year or so. She enjoys reading and writing, and looks forward to publishing her own book (through Story and Song) about her experience as a victim advocate later this year. Her favorite genres are personal growth and women’s fiction like Diane Chamberlain, Jodi Picoult, and Kristin Hannah. She also enjoys memoirs and true crime stories.

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This is one of my all time favorite books. It had just the right mix of mystery, family drama and intrigue to interest me right from the beginning. I found myself so invested in the characters and what was happening for them. It was a beautiful story.
This book is the perfect mix of psychology and learning to protect yourself in a violent world. It focuses on trusting your instinct when you get the feeling that something is wrong or dangerous. It is practical and real, without being overly alarming and making you paranoid. Sadly, it is becoming more and more necessary in our world today.


I read this book a number of years ago before school shootings had become, unfortunately, so common. It examines what you would do to protect yourself if face with a life or death situation and would you choose to protect others, or save yourself however you needed to? Jodi Picoult always keeps you guessing, and interested in each character.
One of my all time favorites that balances a parent’s love for one chronically ill child, and the desire to save her, without sacrificing the well-being of their other healthy child. I love how Jodi Picoult looks at this from the perspective of the healthy sister, who feels as though she is only there to keep her sister alive at times. It really makes you wonder how you would face the same dilemma.
This book really focused on the bond between a parent and a child and how complicated that bond can be. It also examines how someone’s past can be hidden for many years and then come back to confront them later in life. Can someone truly change or do you carry your mistakes with you forever? I found this to be one of her most powerful books.
I am fascinated by true crime and I knew I could not resist this story about the author’s experience of finding out that her father was a serial killer and how that impacted everything she had believed to be true growing up. She now travels the country and speaks publicly to raise awareness for the victims of violent crime.