Carol Hays

Carol’s love of books started at an early age, with many hours spent in local libraries or reading from her grandfather’s overflowing shelves of books.  Some of her favorite books are his collection of Emerson’s writings.

She can’t pick a favorite genre, but you’ll find her frequently in historical and current fiction, personal growth and memoirs.  And with six grandchildren, she is often scouring the kid’s section for that next great storybook!

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Do you ever have ‘monkey mind’? I loved how Michael Singer reminds us that our thoughts are simply thoughts and teaches us to step back and “watch” them, rather than allowing them to control our life. .

There are so many stories in history that often go untold.  The book will make you want to read more about this era and all the efforts that were off of the front line but were so instrumental to the success of the allies defeat of the Germans.

The Four Winds is a heartbreaking story about survival during the Dust Bowl era of the Great Depression and follows the story of a woman desperate to find a new life for herself. The Dust Bowl is just a footnote in our history books, but this story brings that footnote to life and makes it a story all its own.

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, one that I would read again and again. This little book pays homage to the phrase ‘you can’t go home again. The book is a bit fantasy, a bit mystery and a bit coming of age.

I slowed down to read this book – each chapter is a delight and you are cheering for the characters along the way. I laughed, cried and just cherished this book – it will go on my short list of books to read again and again.

Three strangers whose lives are forever changed when they join together.  I love the characters in this book; their flaws, sorrows and endurance – a great read!

What if you could change the course of your life?  Nora Seed wanders into the Midnight Library and faces infinite choices where she could reshape her life. Are we bound by the decisions we make or what if there really is a ‘do-over’ that we could choose?

This story follows the life of a Victoria Jones, whose childhood was filled with betrayal and desertion and unfolds as she discovers her true self-worth and uses her gifts to connect to those she meets.

This Pulitzer Prize winning book does not disappoint! Travel with Arthur Less as he connives to avoid the wedding of his former partner by accepting speaking engagement invitations around the world.