Homemade Soup from Our Bistro to Enjoy at Home


How it works:

  • Each week we’ll feature a signature soup (26 ounces, the equivalent of
    two hearty bowls) plus what goes best with the featured soup: bread,
    crackers or a roll.
  • $16.00 per week
  • Select which weeks you’d like to participate and pre-pay.
  • Pick-ups are on Monday after 11 a.m.
  • Order deadline is the Friday prior to pick-up day
  • V – Vegetarian; VG – Vegan

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June Chilled Soups

A light bright summer soup served with feta on the side.
Price: $16.00

July & August Soups

A radiant blueberry soup with notes of orange, apple and tarragon. Garnished with a minted yogurt and served with flatbread.
Price: $16.00
This refreshing classic, made with fresh dill, a hint of sour cream. Garnished with bright lemon and served with Italian bread.
Price: $16.00
Two root veggies that are incredibly sweet, blended into a refreshing version of Borscht. Served with Rye bread.
Price: $16.00
Lightly grilled corn and peppers bring a bit of smokey lushness to this chunky soup. Garnished with Cilantro and served with tortilla chips.
Price: $16.00
This simple chilled potato soup is packed with buttery sweet sauteed leeks and pureed for a silky smooth texture. Served with large garlic croutons.
Price: $16.00
This sweet tangy soup is infused with honey, white balsamic and apricots to create a well rounded delight. Served with potato rolls.
Price: $16.00
The natural sweetness of carrots pairs well with fresh minced ginger, brown butter and a bit of orange zest. Served with baguette slices.
Price: $16.00
This chunky smokey soup is hearty and packed with fresh herbs. Served with garlic bread.
Price: $16.00

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