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September Soups -- Chilled

(peaches, cashews, fresh ginger, orange, mint)
Price: $16.00
(tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, cantaloupe, fresh basil)
Price: $16.00
(chipotle peppers, onion, butternut squash, celery, fresh oranges)
Price: $16.00

October Soups -- Ready to be warmed & served

Served with corn cake & garnished with sour cream and onions. Ingredients: beans, tomatoes ground beef, onions and spice blend
Price: $16.00
A celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day. The Cherokee call corn bean and squash three sisters because they nourish each other like a family when planted together. Served with fry bread. Ingredients: corn, beans, squash, pork. Vegan option available
Price: $16.00
Aromatic, hearty and nourishing, served with sourdough and garnished with red wine reduction
Price: $16.00
Italian vegetable soup with herbs and pasta served with baguette and garnished with basil
Price: $16.00
Happy Halloween! Enjoy a lightly spiced take on a fall favorite. Served with Roti and garnished with coconut milk. Ingredients: red curry, onions, basil pumpkin, coconut milk
Price: $16.00

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Cantelope Ajobla Soup

Recipes Inspired by:

A Middle Eastern Pantry: Essential Ingredients for Classic and Contemporary Recipes